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Kool Food Gift Basket

  • This gift box is full of Kool Foods Gift Basket great for gifting whether it is for a birthday, housewarming or a get well soon. This basket contains trendy popcorns, polenta crisps, chocolates, and savories make up this sweet gift! Add wine or liquor if you wish.
  • MADE Chocolates International Collection – 68g
    MADE Chocolates Icewine Chocolate Window Tin – 80g
    Dark Chocolate Mendiants – 220g
    The Fine Cheese Co. – Goats’ Cheese and Walnut Savouries-100g
    Garlic Parmesan Polenta Crisps – 120g
    479 Degree – Artisan Popcorn – 113g
    New York Delhi-Hot Chilli Cashews/ VIP Nuts Chilli Lemon-60g
    WILDLY DELICIOUS FINE FOOD – Tapenade – 220g
    Say Yes To No – Bread Chips – 75g
    Flavour Gummy Candies  

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