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Cheese Charcuterie and Wine Rustic Gift Basket

  • Packed with rich and delicious flavors, the Cheese Charcuterie and Wine Rustic Gift Basket is the perfect gift to share for every occasion. With delightful dried salami, fine wine, gourmet cheeses, crisp flatbread, and so much more, the Cheese Charcuterie and Wine Rustic Gift Basket is a true delight worth indulging in. The included bottle of wine may be upgraded from Yorkville’s extensive wine list (with several options available at zero cost), and additional gourmet goods may be added to the gift basket. See below for more details.
  • Greaves Pure Orange Marmalade: Greaves delightful fruit preserves are made with dedicated care, ensuring each bite is as delicious as the last.

    Hogtown Eats Salted Cashews: After one small bite you'll go nuts. Nuts for nuts that is! These nuts are carefully glazed and roasted, ensuring that every taste is as satisfyingly crunchy and delicious as the last.

    Wagner’s Pepper Salami: This classic salami coated in peppercorns is a true feast for the senses. Pairs perfectly with creamy cheeses, red wines, and heavy white wines.

    Cedar Valley Chocolate Fudge Cheese: Infused with the flavour of chocolate fudge, Cedar Valley’s unique and distinct cheese is a real treat, and the perfect companion for sweet wines.

    BellaVitano Sartori Espresso Cheese: Infused with the delightfully bold taste of espresso beans, BellaVitano’s gourmet espresso cheese is a true treat, and the perfect staple for any appetizer.

    Belfield Bakery Beer Pairing Crisp Flatbread Crackers: Perfectly seasoned, these delightful flatbread crisps are carefully designed to match perfectly with the malts and hops of a refreshing beer. The perfect companion for bold spreads and crisp brews.

    San Benedetto del Tronto 100% Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Traditionally made, and classically delicious. San Benedetto Del Tronto’s rich extra virgin olive oil is carefully made every step of the way, ensuring every bottle is as delightful as the next.

    San Benedetto del Tronto Balsamic Vinegar: Made with careful dedication, San Severino Marche’s delightful and bold balsamic vinegar is perfect for seasoning or dressings.

    San Benedetto del Tronto Vodka Garlic Olives: These traditionally harvested and seasoned olives are a true taste of italy, and the perfect garnish for any meal.

    Dutch Crunch Original Chips: Seasoned with rich flavour, these kettle chips from Dutch Crunch are a true blast. The perfect snack for any occasion.

    Wagner’s Dry Salami: The salami is a staple of European cuisine, and with good reason, it’s delicious. This dry salami has a slight kick that will leave you asking for more. A wonderful addition to any appetizer.

    Cheese Knife: This gift set includes a wonderful cheese knife, the perfect utensil with which to serve cheese.

    Rustic Gift Crate: This gift set is presented in a beautiful gift crate, perfect for storing bottles of wine, household knick-knacks, or pantry items.

Included in this Wine Gift Basket:

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