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Easter Bath Gift Set

  • The Easter Bath Gift Set from Yorkville’s is a wonderful way to give a lavish Easter gift. Pamper someone special with the collection of gourmet treats, spa items and a bottle of fine champagne. It’s a gift perfect for giving someone the excuse to indulge. This gift basket includes handmade cookies from Cookie It Up, Cadbury creme eggs, soap, body lotion and bath salts from Pré de Provence, spa gloves, a rustic birch bark ivory candle, a bottle of fine champagne or sparkling wine (which you can upgrade if you like from our extensive collection), 2 champagne flutes and a plush bunny, all in a sturdy wooden crate. It’s always a special gift when it’s from Yorkville’s.
  • Thymes - Temple Tree Jasmine Body Lotion - 270ml
    Thymes - Temple Tree Jasmine Hand Cream - 70ml
    Thymes - Temple Tree Jasmine Hand Lotion - 240ml
    Rustic Bakery - Shortbread Cookies - 112g x2
    David's - Easter Eggs Truffle - 44g
    Truffes Faite A La Main - Handmade Truffles - 60g
    Chocolate balls
    Black chocolate
    Dufflet's Sunflower Pop
    Boca Terry – Towel
    Boca Terry - Slippers
    Exfoliating Gloves
    Stuffed Bunny

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