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Easter Treats & Spa

  • Our Easter gift experts are here to help with the Easter Treats & Spa gift basket. This Easter Gift Basket features fragrant and lush spa items that are guaranteed to help you relax this Easter, as well as a mixture of Easter treats. And because Easter’s not Easter without a stuffed animal gift, we've included a plush bunny. 

  • Thymes Lavender Body Lotion: With the calming aroma and skin-supportive botanicals, including nourishing jojoba oil, shea butter, aloe vera, and vitamin E, this daily moisturizing lotion soothes your senses and keeps your skin aglow.

    Thymes Lavender Eau de Parfum: Both peaceful and pure, Thymes Lavender Perfume features notes of lavender, rosewood, clary sage, and violet leaf.

    Thymes Lavender Bar Soap: From the soothing scent to the calming lather, this pure-vegetable glycerin bath soap blends moisturizing jojoba oil, honey and vitamin E with pure, peaceful lavender fragrance. A wash in tranquility.

    Sea Salt Caramel Roca: Experience the crunchy yet soft treat of Roca Buttercrunch Toffee. This creamy, delicious dessert comes in an assortment of flavors and textures, each with their own distinct take on the toffee treat.

    Assorted Flavour Jelly Beans: A beautiful collection of colorful jelly beans! With a wide range of flavors, each more brilliant than the last, these delightful treats are sure to be a hit with every lover of sweets and treats.

    Assorted Chocolate Easter Eggs: Delight in rich sweet chocolatey goodness this Easter with these colorful Assorted Chocolate Easter Eggs. Crafted from smooth gourmet chocolate, these eggs are the perfect treat to share this Easter.

    Sugar Cookie With Royal Icing: This Easter treat in the shape of eggs and chicks is sure to please, a flavourful sugar cookie with royal icing decorated with Easter colours.

    Silver Bucket: The perfect home for various items around your home, this silver bucket is perfect for use during the spring and summer months.

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