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The Holiday Party Platter Gift Set

  • This gift set makes hosting any party easy with our gourmet cheese ball, crackers, salami, and cutting board.The Holiday Party Platter Gift Set will celebrate the importance of friends and family with delicious and gourmet treats from Yorkville’s. The included bottle of wine may be upgraded from Yorkville’s extensive spirits list, and additional gourmet goods may be added to the basket. See below for more details.

  • Wagner’s Camping Salami: The salami is a staple of European cuisine, and with good reason, it’s delicious. The salami has a small kick that will leave you asking for more. A wonderful addition to any appetizer.

    Wine Glass: This beautiful reciprocal is perfect for enjoying a glass of your favorite vino.

    Classic Cheeseball: This is hands down one of the yummiest treats to serve at your next holiday party. Packed with cream cheese, cranberry and almonds, this is a perfect addition to any holiday platter.

    Salted Almonds: It’s impossible to have alone bite of Aww… NUTS! deliciously seasoned treats! Every nut is carefully flavored and roasted to ensure each taste is as satisfying as the last.

    Gone Crackers Olive Oil  & Cracked Pepper: Made with a high quality of ingredients, Gone Crackers offers delicious gourmet crackers in a variety of unique flavors.

    CaPeachio’s Peppercorn & Poppy Crackers: A classic staple of any appetizer. CaPeachio's Peppercorn and Poppy Crackers will complete any starting course and are perfect for any occasion. Better yet, they are Kosher, vegan-friendly, and GMO-free. 125g.

    Grapes: A delicious snack, these grapes are crisp, juicy, sweet and tart flesh that's somewhat translucent, the perfect appetizer.

    Cutting Board: This cutting board has an attractive and breathtaking design that makes a great gift for any occasion this holiday season.

Included in this Wine Gift Basket:

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