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Fabulous Flavours Gift Basket

  • Fabulous flavours including Spicy Bruschetta, Wildly Delicious Bread Dippers, Gouda Cheese and Italian Peppers are just some of the flavours your gift recipient will experience when they receive this gift.
  • 2 x The Great Canadian Meat Co.-Teriyaki Mild Doux Pepperoni-45g
    Wildly Delicious – Chili Extra Virgin olive oil – 250ml
    Garlic Habanero Gourmet – La Hot Sauce – 150g
    Delizia – Pomodori Alla Contadina – 314ml
    BUITEMAN – Cheddar Cheese biscuits – 75g
    Sable Rosenfeld – Spicy Bruschetta – 500ml
    Sable Rosenfeld – For Pepper Dip – 330ml
    Wildly Delicious – Bread Dipper – 150ml
    Frantoio Valtenesi – Groppello – 500ml
    ANGO – GOUDA Cheese – 170g
    Monet  Water Crackers – 125g

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