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Hanukkah Liquor Lemon and Nuts Tray

  • Delight in the rich and delicious flavors of liquor, lemon, and nuts with the Hanukkah Liquor Lemon and Nuts Tray. The perfect gift to give to the spirits lover in your life this Hanukkah, the Hanukkah Liquor Lemon and Nuts Tray is a generous and lovely gift with which to spread Hanukkah cheer. The included bottle of liquor may be upgraded from Yorkville’s extensive spirits collection, and additional gourmet goods may be added to the basket. See below for more details.
  • Aww… Nuts! Dry Roasted Almonds: It’s impossible to have a lone bite of Aww… NUTS! deliciously seasoned treats! Every nut is carefully flavoured and roasted to ensure each taste is as satisfying as the last.

    Too Good Gourmet Lemon Drop Drink Mix: This gift basket includes a lemon drink mix from Too Good Gourmet. Add the mix, vodka, water, ice, and garnish to create a truly delicious treat.

    QCumber Cucumber Water: This delightful cucumber water is a combination of the refreshing flavour of cucumber juice and lightly carbonated spring water.

    Two Shot Glasses: This gift set includes two chic and attractive shot glasses, perfect for enjoying strong liquors.

    Star of David Decoration: This gift set includes a Star of David decorative piece, the perfect piece of decor for the festive season.

    “Silver” Serving Tray: This gift set is presented upon a beautiful “silver” serving tray.

What Is Included in this Kosher Liquor Gift Basket?