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Set 2211- Yorkvilles

Passion & Wine Christmas Gift Set

  • The Passion & Wine Christmas Gift set by Yorkville’s features a selection of festive goodies designed to delight the senses with their textures and flavors that the whole family will love. It includes a bottle of wine (that can be customized or upgraded from our extensive collection), soft shortbread cookies by The Shortbread Bakery, rich chocolate cranberries by Divine Confections, Hammond’s delightful organic mint candy cane, and a delicious handmade Santa cookie to pair with Tea Beau’s refreshing cinnamon tea. Also included are treats like Hardbite beet chips, CaPeachio’s artisanal multigrain crackers, a fun plush Santa, as well as Hollyberry’s candy cane pretzel popcorn, decadent chocolate bar, and sweet Niagara wine jelly for the perfect partner to your breakfast. The set comes with a two-tone basket to display your treats in or for a lovely picnic in the park with loved ones.

  • Bottle of Wine :This wine gift set includes a bottle of red wine which can be upgraded if you wish

    Hollyberry Christmas Candy Cane Pretzel Popcorn :Sweet and salty. This delightful conbination Belgian white chocolate and pretzel pieces is a great addition to popcorn. Add candy cane pieces and you have a festive treat. 50g

    Divine Confections Milk Chocolate Cranberry :Indulge your sweet tooth with our chocolate covered cranberries. These whole cranberries are encase in rich dark chocolate for a truly special treat.

    Capeachio's Multigrain Wheat Cracker :CaPeachio’s Artisan crackers make for elegant hors d’oeuvres, the perfect pairing with wine and cheese, or a simple snack straight out of the box. They are all-natural, vegan, non-GMO, and kosher. Baked with classic, distinctive old-world style, CaPeachio’s crackers come in a range of flavors to satisfy everyone at your party, or your picnic, or just when you need a little something.

    Hollyberry Square Chocolate Bar :Indulge in this square bar of rich Hollyberry dark chocolate that pairs well with wine, tea, or coffee.

    The Shortbread Bakery Original Gourmet :Can love be expressed through a cookie? If they are smooth delicate gourmet shortbread cookie from The Shortbread Bakery, then you'll instantly taste the love baked in, the moment its bite-sized morsels dissolve on your tongue.

    Hardbite Drop'n Mad Beets Chips :Okay, we know beets aren’t exactly everyone’s go-to vegetable and not the biggest hit on your meal planning playlist (except if you love borscht.). So we’ve taken this undervalued veggie and transformed it into a totally tasty treat. Why? Because everyone loves a good beet.

    Round Santa Cookie :Taste delicious shortbread cookie, a staple of the Holiday season! Perfectly paired with a glass of milk, this cookie is the perfect treat to leave on plate for Santa’s visit.

    Hammond's Organic Mint Candy Cane :Enjoy Hammond's classic Organic Peppermint Candy Cane with all natural colors and flavors.

    Hollyberry Toronto Niagara Wine Jelly :Made from rich tasting fine wine, Hollyberry’s Niagara Wine Jelly is a wonderful spread to enhance any appetizer.

    Tea Beau Cinnamon Tea :Simply sensational, Tea Beau cinnamon tea is a divine experience for the senses. The loose leaf tea is not only pleasing to the palette, but aromatic, warmly spiced, and visually striking. Tea Beau is a must for any lover of tea.

    Gift Bag Santa :The Gift Bag Santa is a sweet seasonal plush with his classic red gift bag. 19 x 9 x 28cm

    Two-Tone Basket Large :The two-tone light and dark wicker of this basket add visual interest to an otherwise very classic boat-shaped basket. It measures 43 x 33 x 13 cm

Included in this Wine Gift Basket:

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