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The Big Smoke BBQ and Tea Platter

  • The Big Smoke BBQ and Tea Platter features our mouthwatering barbecue sauce, tapenade, chutney, relish, and dry rub to complete a perfect BBQ seasoning set, as well as a tea set with infusers . A cast iron skillet is also included.  Wine or Champagne can be added if you wish.
  • Two Bottles of 3 Sister Kitchen Tapenade
    Bone Suckin' SauceBrand Hot Sauce
    Awesome In A Jar
    Original BBQ Sauce
    Mrs. Bridges Ginger & Chilli Chutney
    Smoke Brand Smoked Spices for Chicken
    Black Cast Iron Tea Set with Infusers
    Gourmet Village Garlic & Onion Beer Bread
    One Meat Stick
    One Cast Iron Plate

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