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The Cafe Gift basket

  • Who doesn't love the thought of having a great cup of tea or coffee, eating chocolate and enjoying the sound of people chatting in the cafe? With the Cafe Gift Basket, you can deliver this feeling to someone special. This Gift Basket includes five large bags of coffee, biscotti, shortbread cookies and a cherry tart. Also features is a cup for a Mother. If you like, you can include a different cup by mentioning this in the order notes.
  • 4x 23 Degrees Roastery - Coffee - 350g
    Adeline Fine Porcelains – Mug
    Biscotti Dolci All Olio - Extravergine Di Oliva Ricetta Toscana - 160g
    Chocolatestyle – Shoecolate Stiletto
    Dibella - Biscotti - 31g
    Dufflet - Dark chocolate NOUGATO - 60g
    Merchants & Makers - Smooth Chocolate - 60g
    Muskoka Roastery Coffee Co. – Coffee Bean – 400g 
    Rustic Bakery - Shortbread Cookies - 112g
    Rustic Bakery - Tart Cherry - 113g
    Cafe set 

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