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The Cottager's Dream Gift Basket

  • Ever wish that the cottage life could come to you? Well with this breath taking gift basket brings the cottage a little closer; it is filled with divine s'mores, baked crackers, delicious smoked salmon, artichoke spread, medium roasted coffee, citrus tea and creamy Belgian milk chocolate blended with fresh roasted almonds bark.
  • 23 Degrees Roastery - Coffee - 350g
    Dorians - Croustilles - 175g
    East Shore - Dipping Caramel - 142g
    East Shore - Waffle Pretzels - 254g
    Too good gourmet - Cookies variety - 142g
    Too good gourmet - Cheese Crisps -57g
    Too good gourmet - Lemon Tea - 8g
    Too good gourmet - Dip - 43g
    Chocolate - S'mores Caramel Bites - 64g
    Davids - Chocolate Caramel Popcorn - 175g
    Davids - Chocolate Almond Bark - 100g
    Gaga - Gluten-free chocolate chip - 142g
    Kettle - Potato Chips
    Photo Frame with says "I Love Mom" but can be substituted with a different picture frame if you wish
    SeaChange Seafood - Smoked Salmon - 100g
    Sonoma Jacks - Cheese - 114g
    Whisky & Spice - Riesling Apple Mustard - 250ml
    Venetian - Artichoke Tapenade - 215g

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