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The Gourmet Nacho Gift Basket

  • Gift a bold new take on any holiday this year with the The Gourmet Nachos Gift Basket. Complete with all the fixings needed to make the perfect dish of gourmet nachos, this gift basket offers a fiery culinary alternative to the standard fare. You can choose the wine that you would like in this gift basket (see below).

  • Mitchell’s Chuck Wagon Chili: This delightfully simple kit is everything chili should be.  Its thick texture and carefully added spices and seasoning ensure that every bite is as delicious and hearty as the last.

    Los Cantores Ancient Grains Tortilla Chips: A traditional tortilla chip that delights with every bite.  Perfect with salsa, sour cream, or as the base for a plate of nachos.

    Wagner’s Hungarian Style Csabai: With a bold flavour that excites the tastebuds, Wagner’s carefully crafted Hungarian sausages will not soon be forgotten. Served perfectly on their own, alongside charcuterie, in a sandwich, or as a topping for nachos.

    Gourmet du Village Cheddar Onion Dip Mix: This wonderfully creamy dip is a welcome addition to most meals. The perfect dip for vegetables and chips is also well suited for adding to rice or meat to grant a little extra flavour.

    Chorizo: Dry smoked chorizo with a spicy kick. This versatile cured meat makes for a wonderful snack or a fine addition to a larger dish.

    Collier’s Welsh Cheddar: This welsh cheddar has a strong and sharp flavour that is sure to be noticed.  The unique flavour profile of this cheese leaves it quite unlike any other cheddar, boasting a stronger impact on the tastebuds than most.

    Beau’s Abbey Style Cheese: This beer washed cheese is inspired by the style of cheese making that originated in European medieval monasteries.  This semi-soft cheese is made in a swiss style, and offers a subtle yet complex flavour.

    Black Duck Kalamata Tapenade: With added notes of pepper and citrus, Black Duck’s line of tapenades is chock full of character, creating the perfect companion dish to any cheese, cracker, or pâté.

    Casa de Salsa Black Bean Salsa: Spiced and seasoned to perfection, this classic style salsa has a bit of a kick. Let this salsa take your next burrito, nacho plate, or fajita to the next level.

    Big Bad Bobby’s Hot Sauce: This refreshingly strong hot sauce derives its flavour and spice from chipotle peppers.  The smoky aftertaste lends itself well to all manner of hearty meals and snacks.

    Wine Glasses: This gift set comes complete with two wine glasses

    Pizza/Nacho Stone: This gift basket includes a baking stone with a chic modern look.  The perfect tool for making pizza or nachos.

Included in this Wine Gift Basket:

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