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The Regalio Tower Gift Basket

  • This gift features a three-tiered combination serving tower with delicious cheeses, dark chocolate morsels, dip, toast for cheese, black olives and grapes. Add champagne or wine if you wish.
  • Lesley Stowe's Original Raincoast Crisps Seed Crackers - 150g
    Wildly Delicious Spinarch, Articoke & Mozarella Dip - 230g
    3 Sister Kitchen Olive & Twist Black Olives - 250ml
    The Fine Cheese Co. Toast For Cheese - 100g
    Poppies Popiroll - 125g
    Dufflet Dark Chocolate Morsels (Cranberries + Blueberries) - 190g
    Yorkville Gourmet Original Cranberry Sauce - 250ml
    Picnic Time Regalio three-tiered combination serving tower
    Red grapes

Yorkville's No-Alcohol Gifts