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The Rustic Gift Basket

  • The Rustic Gift Basket features a cheese knife set with a rustic cheese board. The very popular gift basket has quality olive oils, chocolates and savory gourmet items that will make this gift appropriate for almost any occasion. A bottle of wine is included in this gift basket (which can be upgraded if you wish), along with a wine glass.
  • MADE Chocolates International Collection Long Box – 68g
    Brilliant – Organic Acacia Wood Cheese Knife and Cutting Board
    Oshra Tishbi Fine Food – Preserves & Jellies – 220g
    Stonewall Kitchen – Down East Crackers – 125g
    3 Sister Kitchen –Twisted Tapenade – 220g
    ANGO – GOUDA Cheese – 170g
    Joy Styxs – Freds Bread – 180g
    Truffle – 34g
    2 x Galler – Chocolatier – 70g
    Five – Olive Oil – 500ml
    Cheese Grater

Included in this Wine Gift Basket:

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