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The Strasbourg Cheese Board Gift Basket

  • The Strasbourg Cheese Board Gift Basket features a rich array of tasty snacks and appetizers complimented by delicious sweets.
  • 3 Sister Kitchen Olive & Twist - 250ml
    David’s Chocolate Caramel Popcorn - 175g
    Sonoma Jacks Cheese (Pepper Jack) - 113g
    Dufflet Nutt-e Caramel Almond + Pistachio - 150g
    Leslie Stowe's Raincoat Crisps Seed Crackers - 150g
    East Shore Specialty Foods Chipotle Dipping Pretzels - 227g
    Monet Pepper and Poppy Water Crackers - 125g
    Veeraswamy Mango Chilli Chutney
    Aunt Berta's Strawberry Preserves
    Wooden Serving Board
    Ceramic bowl with flowers is for decoration only.

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