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The Very Decadent Gift Basket

  • The Very Decadent Gift Basket features a tasty and complimentary mix of fruit and crackers as well as chocolate and a bottle of wine. This gift basket features the perfect assortment of treats and snacks for any special event or occasion. The house wine can be upgraded below if you wish.

  • One Bottle Of Kosher Wine Featuring one of the finest wines Gifting Kosher has to offer, the wine can be upgraded from our drop-down menu.

    Wine Glass - Included in this Kosher Gift Set is a wine glass, perfect for any glass of wine.

    Roca Thins Extra Dark Chocolate:Crunchy butterscotch coated with luscious dark chocolate, with toffee and sea salt, the Roca Milk Chocolate thins are definitely a decadent indulgence.

    Beit-Yitzhak Wildberry Jam: A healthy and delicious choice, Beit-Yitzhak jams are delicious spreads with a wide range of fruity flavors to enjoy with breakfast or appetizers.

    BOSS Milk Chocolate: Rich chocolate bricks specially developed to be paired with wines. A smooth texture and refined flavor await in every bite.

    CaPeachio’s Specialty Crackers: A classic staple of any appetizer. CaPeachio's Original Crackers will complete any starting course and are perfect for any occasion. Better yet, they are Kosher, vegan-friendly, and GMO-free.

    Hendrickx Milk Chocolate Bar: Rich and creamy, HENDRICKX Belgian Chocolate is the apex of delight. Traditionally crafted by dedicated chocolatier’s, HENDRICKX is a name you can trust to satisfy any chocolate craving.

    Mashugana Peanut Butter Pretzels: Bold, rich, crunchy, and sweet. Mashugana’s yogurt dipped pretzels are a true joy for the senses. The rich creamy coating is enhanced by the salty crispness of the pretzels, creating the ideal snack.

    Pirouline Chocolate Coated Wafers: Each Pirouline wafer is carefully toasted to perfection, and makes the ideal sweet to accompany any occasion.

    Sable & Rosenfeld Sweet 3 Pepper Blast: Perfect to serve alongside chicken, eggs or fish and great for blending with cream cheese and spread on crackers or dip with nachos. All Natural. Kosher. Fat-Free. Gluten Free.

    Tipsy Garlic Olives: Wonderfully bold, Sable & Rosenfeld marinated olives are a true delight and the perfect companion to any appetizer or entree.

    Mixed Dried Fruits:This dried mixed fruit provides an excellent source of dietary fiber in both essential forms: soluble and insoluble.

    Arla Havarti Cheese: Enjoy our Arla Havarti with its distinctly mild and creamy taste. Based on an original Danish recipe from the 1870s it still remains a firm favorite to many.

    The Shortbread Bakery Chocolate Chunk Shortbread Cookies: As the name implies, The Shortbread Bakery specializes in baking shortbread. These delicate and crumbly cookies are artfully crafted to perfection and are a true delight to the tastebuds.

    Fruit: This gift basket includes an assortment of fresh fruit including Pineapple, Orange, Pear, and Apple.

    Serving Plate - This serving plate is universally appealing and is the perfect addition to any table decoration.  

    Wooden Serving Tray: This beautiful serving tray brings the entire gift set together. The wooden tray will be a much-cherished tool for any host or hostess and is certain to see much use throughout the years.

What Is Included in this Kosher Wine Gift Basket?