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Well, La Dee Da! Gift Set

  • Pamper someone you know with the Well, La Dee Da! Gift Set. It is a delightful selection of curated items that will be just what your recipient will enjoy. Featured in this gift set is Pasta Mancini pasta, pesto alla Genovese sauce and Aglio Arrostito sauce from Sacla Italia, Wildly Delicious Greek Oregano & Lemon bread dipper, Sable & Rosenfeld spicy olive bruschetta, creamy brie cheese, chocolate cherries from Divine Confections, Canada True icewine liqueur chocolates, and Roasted Tsunami fair trade coffee in medium dark. To serve, there are a pair of ornate wine glasses, a brie baker, and an oval teak cutting board. To pair with these delights, enjoy a bottle of wine which can be customized or upgraded from our extensive collection. As always, you can customize this gift further by adding another bottle of wine, a card, flowers, and more!
  • MADE Chocolates International Collection Long Box – 68g
    THE FINE CHEESE CO. – Classic Crackers for Artisan Cheese – 450g
    Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Bowl With Spoon
    La Dee Da – Fire & Ice Spicy Gourmet Ice Wine Relish – 265ml
    La Dee Da – Fresco Mushroom, Basil and Wine Sauce – 500ml
    La Dee Da – Fusion 12 Vegetable Tomato Sauce – 500ml
    Muskoka Roastery Coffee Co. – Coffee Bean – 454g
    DESEO – Biscuits with Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 160g
    Stonewall Kitchen – Down East Crackers – 125g
    il Boschetto – Pepe Nero Disidratato – 290g
    il Boschetto – Sale Marino Italiano – 590g
    Icewine Chocolate – 40g
    Pasta Mancini – Spaghetti – 500g
    il Boschetto – Olive Oil – 200ml
    David’s – Almond Bark – 100g
    Fielding Group – Truffle – 34g
    ANGO – GOUDA Cheese – 170g
    Live Edge Cutting Board
    French Bread

Included in this Wine Gift Basket:

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