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Witch's Cauldron Halloween Gift Basket

  • The wicked witch has been hard at work, brewing toads, worms, strange beans, and toxic waste in her black cauldron... Gummy toads, gummy worms,“toxic waste” sour candy, and jelly beans of course. Delight in the sweet flavors of Halloween with the Witch’s Cauldron Halloween Gift Basket. This brilliant collection of sweets and treats is sure to make any Trick-or-Treaters day!
  • Salem Baking Co. Key Lime Moravian Cookies: Citrus and a hint of vanilla combine to create a truly delightful treat. Salem Baking Co’s Moravian Cookies are light and flavourful. The perfect snack to have alongside coffee, tea, or ice cream.


    Spudniks Thai Chili Kettle Chips:Spudniks Kettle Chips are gluten free, and contain zero trans fats ensuring they will appeal to all variety of taste buds. Spudniks has revolutionized the joy of eating kettle chips with premium seasoning and an MSG free recipe.


    Emoji Pez Dispenser:A true classic, PEZ has been in business for nearly a century and they have learned a thing or two along the way. The familiar and delicious flavour of the candy is enhanced by the kooky fun of the dispenser, creating a treat that is both novel and nostalgic.


    Peach & Wildberry Nerds Candy: Sweet fruity flavours abound in these tiny candies, it’s no wonder they’ve been a favourite treat for decades. The compact design and easy to pour package allow Nerds to be highly portable and easy to share.


    Toxic Waste Sour Candy: True sourness awaits. Toxic Waste Sour Candy is a delicious treat with a serious kick. Green Apple, Black Cherry, and other sour flavours can be found in every barrel of Toxic Waste.


    With Love From Mom Sour Gummy Worms: Mom always makes the best treats, and her gummy sweets are no exception. Absolutely bursting with flavour, Mom’s traditionally made gummy candies are a true taste of home with every bite.


    Sweet Trash Gummy Frogs: Who knew frogs could taste so sweet? Sweet Trash’s Gummy Frogs are a satisfying treat that will satiate even the staunchest of sweet tooth cravings.


    Sweet Trash Gourmet Spooky Witch Lollipop: Traditionally made and classically delicious. Sweet Trash are experts at creating simply delicious sweets that are guaranteed to bring delight. Their gourmet halloween lollipop’s are the perfect treat for the season.


    Fresh Fruit:Granny Smith Apple


    Happy Halloween Milk Chocolate Almond Bar: Say “Happy Halloween” this year with a sweet and delicious treat. Made with delightfully rich milk chocolate, this exquisite bar is the perfect offering to the trick-or-treater in your life.


    Black Tin Basket: This gift arrives in a stylish (and spooky) Black Tin Basket. Perfect for collecting treats, storing household items, or even as a planter box.

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