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Specialty Diet Gift Baskets

In a world that is growing smaller and more inclusive, Yorkville’s strives to accommodate the needs of all individuals, and our Specialty Diet Gifts are a testament to that.

We all have friend and family members who have Special dietary requirements and its not less of an adventure to find Gifts for them, to minimize your efforts we at Yorkville’s have come up with Specialty Diet Gifts. Our Specialty Diet Gifts are coupled skillfully by experienced gift basket designers who understand the needs and requirement of people and the Gift Basket in concern. You can also add in a few things to the Specialty Diet Gifts for the recipients family who don’t follow any diet restrictions.

Please note: while our gluten-free baskets do not contain any products made with wheat, some products may still contain trace amounts. If your gift recipient is particularly sensitive to gluten, please refrain from purchasing these gift baskets. However, do feel free to contact us for substitution options!