Our Story


Company Information:


At Yorkville’s, we value luxury. What can be more enjoyable than the finest quality gift baskets, flowers, and gifts? We are based in the USA and we provide a fully online service that provides high quality gift baskets and flowers, etc. across the United States and Canada. We are pleased to say that we can cover all U.S. and Canadian addresses and we are expanding our service range all of the time. We aim to ensure you always get the best level of service.

We are delighted to say that we offer a comprehensive range of gifts and gift baskets, suitable for all tastes and all age groups and are able to offer a same-day service and a rush service to our clients in cities like New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, Washington, New Jersey, and Connecticut. At Yorkville’s, we utilize the very best in products that have been sourced from all around the world.

We work closely with several artisan producers making sure that the finest ingredients make their way into your gift baskets. We are delighted to say that we produce every order as freshly as possible, ensuring that our products can be enjoyed in optimal conditions.

We pride ourselves in that our gifts and services have been used to entertain clients and companies from all around the world. We have had very positive feedback from positive and corporate clients from Canada, the USA, Japan, Mexico, the Middle East, India, Europe, China, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. Whether you are looking to enjoy a basket for yourself or impress someone, you will find that our range of products will be the perfect way for you and your recipients to indulge in decadence from the comfort of your homes.

Behind the scenes, in our distribution centers, customers are welcomed by the most knowledgeable sales associates in the business that operate with an absolute dedication to customer service. You are welcome to reach out with any and all questions so that our team may provide you with a stress-free experience.


Our Core Values:

People, Service, Quality, and Innovation define who we are and what we stand for. They guide our behavior and act as the foundation for all our decisions. Each of us, no matter our position in the company, understands why we have Core Values and how they apply to our roles and responsibilities.