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Bold & Powerful Liquor Board

  • Charm your loved ones by surprising them with this Bold & Powerful Liquor Board that’s suave and designed to stand out in a crowd. It includes an array of elegant and gourmet products such as a beautiful 7-piece whiskey decanter and glass set for an excellent addition to the home minibar, two fragrant cigars that pair well with your finest choice of liquor, a bottle of liquor (that can be customized or upgraded from our extensive collection), CaPeachio’s crispy artisanal crackers, and delicious peanut brittle from The Ultimate Brittle Co. for a gourmet surprise unlike any other. Also included is BOSS medium dark chocolate, maple liqueur truffles and maple fudge by Canada True, peanut butter pretzels from Monarch, and a gorgeous mahogany-hued Acacia wood cutting board for all your charcuterie and cheese platter needs.
  • Whiskey Glass and Ice Sphere Set: This gift set includes a whiskey glass and ice sphere maker, creating the perfect way to enjoy whiskey on the rocks.

    Canada True Icewine Chocolates: The rich taste of dark chocolate infused with icewine creates a truly unique and enjoyable chocolate experience.

    Whiskey Decanter: This gift set includes an attractive whiskey decanter, perfect for displaying and serving your favorite whiskey.

    BOSS Medium Dark Chocolate Brick: Rich chocolate bricks specially developed to be paired with wines. A smooth texture and refined flavour await in every bite.

    JustCookies Chocolate Chip Cookies: Elegant in their simplicity, Just Cookies Chocolate Chip Cookies are chock full of flavour and a true delight.

    The New English Fudge Co. Chocolate Pecan Fudge: Delightfully dapper and delicious, The New English Fudge Co. knows how to craft a brilliant fudge that is guaranteed to satisfy.

    Two Cigars: This gift basket includes two bold tasting and delightful cigars.

    Muskoka Board: This gift basket arrives presented upon a beautiful handled Muskoka serving board. Handcrafted in North America by our dedicated and industrious in-house woodworking team.

What Is Included in this Liquor Gift Basket?