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Breads & Spreads Gift Basket

  • The Breads & Spreads Gift Basket features crackers, crisps, and breadsticks as well as hummus, tapenade and cheeses.  This basket can be a great gift for the office or even a better gift option for someone as it is hard to find birthday gifts nowadays! 
  • Boulangerie - Artisan Breadsticks - 125g
    Olivera's - Flatbread Crisps - 56.7g
    Wildly - delicious roasted pepper tapenade -220g
    Joy Styx - Breadsticks - 180g
    Paris Toasts - Mini Toasts - 80g
    Panettone - Chiostro Di Saronno - 100g
    The Fine Cheese Co. - Goats Cheese and Walnut Savouries – 100g
    Fine Pastry Biscuits - Crunch -115g
    Anco - Gouda Cheese - 170g
    OKA L'artisan - Firm Cheese - 180g
    Wild Garden - Hummus Dip - 305g
    Cutting Board  

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