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Cuddly Blue Baby Basket

  • Get baby bundled in blue with this super cuddly blue baby gift basket! This gift basket comes complete with all sorts of things to celebrate baby. Comes with blankets, towels, and clothes the parents are sure to be happy to have on hand. Everything comes packaged in a handy wicker basket that is perfect to use for storing all the odds and ends that will inevitably end up in the nursery. Great for diaper or toy storage!
  • 100% Polyester Fleece Baby's First Blanket and Toy

    Cuddly Baby Gift Set of 4 Blankets

    Baby Hat - Keep your baby's head warm and protected with a baby hat.

    100% Polyester Fleece Reversible Chamois Blanket

    Set of 6 Baby Sock Gift Set 0-12 m.o.

    100% Cotton Knitted Baby Blanket - Warm and knitted blanket made for babies to keep them warm whenever and wherever. 

    Scratch Mittens - Soft mittens great for preventing babies from scratches.

    Set of 10 Baby Washcloths - Delicate and soft baby washcloths great for cleaning.

    Wicker Baby Basket with Liner and Blue Trim

Yorkville's Baby Embroidery Gifts