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Father’s Day Cookie Pizza With The Works

  • This Father’s Day treat is the perfect gift set. This decadent cookie is topped with the ultimate combination of chocolates and paired with a selection of cola and chips. TheFather’s Day Cookie Pizza With The Works features a slightly crisp cookie, not too sweet and intricately hand-decorated, making it the perfect dessert to gift or serve for every occasion.

  • Set Of Six Coca Cola's: This classic soft drink brand has been refining their delightful recipe since 1886, creating a bold, sweet, and delicious product that is beloved the world over.

    Cookie Pizza - Giant Cookie Pizza: What’s better than the combination of a giant cookie and pizza? Pretty much nothing! This giant cookie is topped with different kinds of chocolate, the perfect gift for anyone with a sweet tooth.

    Hardbite Handcrafted-Style Chips: A delicious snack with no artificial ingredients. Handcrafted, gluten-free, made with no cholesterol and no trans fats.

    Two Coke Glass: Enjoy your favorite soda in style with this Coca Cola branded drinking glass.

    Cutting Board: This gift basket is presented with a beautiful wooden cutting board, perfect for serving snacks for any occasion.

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