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Happy Hanukkah Gourmet Gift Basket

  • Filled with delicious treats, theHappy Hanukkah Gourmet Gift Basket is the perfect way to spread holiday cheer this Hanukkah. Rich milk chocolate, yogurt covered pretzels, Italian biscotti, and more, theHappy Hanukkah Gourmet Gift Basket is guaranteed to bring delight. Additional gourmet goods may be added to the basket, see below for more details.

  • Bunch of Grapes: This gift set includes a bundle of delicious red grapes, a delightful, juicy, and naturally sweet treat.

    BOSS Milk Chocolate Brick: BOSS Chocolate is carefully crafted, complete with a smooth texture and refined flavor that is well worth remembering.

    Vintage Co. Sea Salt Chips: Delightfully seasoned, Vintage Co.’s seasoned chips are a truly delightful treat. Every bite is met with a satisfying crunch and a burst of flavour.

    Mashugana Raspberry Yogurt Coated Pretzels: The perfect combination of sweet and savoury, yogurt coated pretzels are a true delight. Mashugana’s crisp treats are truly delicious, and the perfect sweet and crunchy snack to share and enjoy.

    Two DiBella Blueberry and Lemon Italian Biscotti: This biscotti, a staple of Italian dessert, comes from a recipe passed on for over three generations.  Its subtle sweetness is a delight to behold, and is the end result of a recipe refined to perfection.

    Two “Happy Hanukkah” Milk Chocolate Bars: This gift set includes two festive and delightful milk chocolate bars. Say “Happy Hanukkah” this year with a delicious treat.

    Two Sweet Trash Chocolate Lollipops: This gift set includes two Sweet Trash Chocolate Lollipops. Traditionally made and classically delicious, these chocolate lollipops are a treat worth savouring.

    Three Star of David Decorations: This gift set includes three Star of David decorations, the perfect pieces of decor with which to celebrate Hanukkah.

    Wooden Chest: This gift set is presented in a beautiful wooden chest, handcrafted in North America by our dedicated in-house woodworking team.

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