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“Happy Valentine’s Day” Gift Basket

  • It is time to truly express and show your appreciation to that very special someone this Valentine’s Day with the“Happy Valentine’s Day” Gift Basket. This gift set is accompanied by a bottle of wine, a wine glass, a sugar cookie, truffles, and a wooden crate. This special day comes only once per year, meaning its important to take the opportunity to spend time together and build memories that will last for years to come. The included bottle of Wine may be upgraded from Yorkville’s extensive collection of wine, and additional goods may be added to the gift basket. See below for more details.

  • This gift includes:

    A Bottle Of Wine,Which can be selected from the drop-down menu below.

    Wine Glass -  A classic design for every occasion, especially for festive gatherings or special events.

    Sugar Cookie With Jam Filling & Royal Icing - This Valentine’s Day treat is sure to please, a flavourful sugar cookie with jam filling topped with royal icing and presented in a heart shaped tin.

    Chocolate Truffles -Made with a dedication to the pursuit of decadent sweet taste, these gourmet chocolate truffles are a wonderful and decadent treat. The perfect sweet to share, no matter what the occasion.

    Engraved “Happy Valentine’s Day” Wooden Crate - Store and display your favorite wine in a traditional wood crate box featuring a raised plank border and diagonal support bar.

Included in this Wine Gift Basket:

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