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Hearty & Savoury Gift Basket

  • Tortilla Soup, Chicken Chowder, Beef Barley, Caribbean Curry, Jerk Marinade, Shawarma, Shish Taouk and Pepper Corns are the hardy & savoury flavours that are packed into this rich Hardy & Savoury Gift Basket.  Give this to your gift recipient as illustrated or add more gourmet items below!
  • Mitchell’s Soup - MEXICAN TORTILLA SOUP – approx. 396g

    Mitchell’s Soup - COUNTRY CHICKEN CHOWDER – approx. 225g

    Mitchell’s Soup – OLD FASHION BEEF BARLEY - approx. 375g

    Mitchell’s Soup - MULLIGATAWNY SOUP – approx. 394g

    The Fine Cheese Co. - Classic Crackers for Artisan Cheeses – 450g

    Saha International Cuisine – Caribbean Curry -250 ml

    Saha International Cuisine – Jerk Marinade -250 ml

    Saha International Cuisine – Shawarma -250 ml

    Saha International Cuisine – Shish Taouk -250 ml

    Il Boschetto - Macinino pepe Nero (Large Pepper Grinder) – 290g

    Coffee cup

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