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Some Bunny Loves You Easter Treats Gift Set

  • This Easter send one of our favorite Easter treats to loved ones, family members and kids. The Some Bunny Loves You Easter Treats Gift Set features a large plush Easter bunny, chocolate eggs, and an assortment of candy treats, Easter doesn’t get any happier than this!

  • Items included in this Easter basket:

    Large Traditional Plush Bunny: This Easter gift basket includes a large traditional plush bunny, the perfect gift for the Easter season.

    Assorted Chocolate Easter Eggs: Delight in rich sweet chocolatey goodness this Easter with these colorful Assorted Chocolate Easter Eggs. Crafted from smooth gourmet chocolate, these eggs are the perfect treat to share this Easter.

    Assorted Flavour Jelly Beans: A beautiful collection of colorful jelly beans! With a wide range of flavors, each more brilliant than the last, these delightful treats are sure to be a hit with every lover of sweets and treats.

    Mints: This candy is the perfect after meal treat and will help improve your breath!

    Peach Candy: A great tasting candy that is a “peachy” treat that is popular with kids and adults.  

    Assorted Licorice Gummies: These Gummies are a delightful treat, filled with bold and commanding flavors. The perfect treat to explore and indulge in the strong and varied palate of licorice.

    Gummy Coke Bottle Candy: This sour dusted gummy in the shape of cola, also tastes like a cola soda. The perfect treat to indulge your sweet tooth in.

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