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Substantial Snacking Christmas Gift Basket

  • Enjoy theSubstantial Snacking Christmas Gift Basket this holiday season; a gift basket so substantial it will take a gathering of family and friends to tackle it. With chocolate enrobed cherries, flavored popcorn and chips, wheat crackers and gourmet cheese and more, theSubstantial Snacking Christmas Gift Basket provides the ultimate snack-fest. You may add additional gifts such as bottles of champagne, wine, and more to make this great gift even better.

  • Chocolate - Monarch Chocolate Enrobed Cherries: Monarch's Chocolate Enrobed Cherries are chocolate covered cherries crafted from dried and pitted cherries enrobed in rich chocolate with a sweet candy coating.

    Honey - Beezy Basswood Honey: Beezy Basswood Honey will be the perfect gift for your loved ones to use during a delightful family breakfast! The fresh taste of Beezy Basswood Honey is what you need in a gourmet treat.

    Crackers - Mariner Organic Stone Wheat Crackers: Freshly made, rich tasting Mariner Organic Crackers pair with fine spreads and cheeses to bring you a pleasurable snacking experience.

    Chocolate - Heidi Chocolates Christmas Tree Box: Inside this Christmas Tree-shaped box you’ll find assorted flavors of some of the world’s best chocolate. Celebrate the holidays with these smooth chocolatey delights.

    Tea - Canada True Icewine Tea: A pure premium ceylon tea with a natural flavor. Canada True's unique and flavorful Icewine Tea is ideal for serving to guests or to give as a special gift!

    Cookies - The Shortbread Bakery Original Shortbread Cookie:  As the name implies, The Shortbread Bakery specializes in baking shortbread. These delicate and crumbly cookies are artfully crafted to perfection, and are a true delight to the tastebuds.

    Popcorn - Spudniks Maple Corn Popcorn is a classic snack for just about any conceivable moment.  Be it late at night or the middle of the afternoon, popcorn seems to always hit the right spot when any snack food craving comes knocking.

    Chips - Hardbite All-Natural Gluten-Free Ketchup Chips: Handcrafted style, lightly salted parsnip chips that act as a great snack or a great addition to any appetizer ensemble.

    Chocolate - Festive Chocolate Tin: The holidays are about many things, but chocolate is definitely up there on that list. Enjoy decadent chocolate treats with friends and family.

    Cheese - Classic Cheeseball: This is hands down one of the yummiest treats to serve at your next holiday party. Packed with cream cheese, cranberry and almonds, this is a perfect addition to any holiday platter.

    Teapot - An adorable red teapot to accompany the tea. This little teapot would look adorable in any kitchen.

    Cutting Board - Round Wooden Cutting Board & Knives: This beautiful round wooden cutting board and cheese knife set are perfect for preparing bread, cheese and crackers, or more. This board is both durable and beautiful.

    Basket - Stained Wicker Basket: Housing all of the wonderful items in this gift, this stained wicker gift basket is not only the gift’s foundation, it can also be used afterwards for any number of different purposes.

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