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Supreme Wine & Cheese Gift Set

  • The Supreme Wine & Cheese Gift Set is a gorgeous present for loved ones that comprises an assortment of products, from delectable types of cheese such as cheddar, Havarti, asiago and Monterey Jack to specialty crackers. Also included are two patterned wine glasses, a bottle of wine (that can be customized or upgraded from our extensive collection), as well as a wooden cutting board and a lovely set of cheese knives.
  • Le Rustique Camembert Cheese
    Agropur Camembert Cheese - 230g
    Jarlsberg Cheese Wedge - 250g
    Oka Classique Semi-soft Cheese
    Four (4) various Bothwell Cheeses - 170g ea.
    Two (2) Boursin Cheeses - 150g
    Cow's Creamery Extra Old Fine Cheddar
    Roquefort Societe Cheese - 100g
    Rustic Bakery Flatbread
    Rustic Bakery Crackers
    Wicker Picnic Basket

Included in this Wine Gift Basket:

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