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Tequila & Shooters Gift Basket

  • Let your love for Mexican tradition burst forth with joy, as the Tequila & Shooters Gift Basket from Yorkville's brings you all your favorite goodies in one place. From creamy Camembert cheese and zesty ghost pepper salsa, to savory Kettle chips and spicy bean crisps, this basket has it all. Maybe you can try the tingling flavors of Hatch Pepper #1 by Taste Domination Wing Sauce or bite into the goodness of cheese stuffed hot peppers by Sable & Rosenfeld. Also included in the gift are 2 shot glasses, strong bamboo cutting board, table salt and shaker, and a bottle of liquor. Don’t forget, you can upgrade your alcohol as well as customize your basket based on an extensive collection available for your order.

  • Kettle Yogurt & Green Onion Chips :Kettle Chips Yogurt and Green Onion Gluten Free Potato Chips. Gluten free potato chips with a blend of yogurt and green onion tastes.

    Bean Crips Cha-Cha Chili :Cha-Cha Chili packs bold flavors and savory heat that will leave your taste buds dancing. Loaded with natural protein and fiber, every crisp is drizzled with sunflower oil and sea salt that add the finishing touch to this spicy snack.

    Los Cantores Tortilla Chips Original :Big corn flavour with hints of toastiness. Good balance of salt to draw out the natural corn flavour.  Firm and crispy texture that does not wilt when dipped.  So flavourful, that it can be eaten by itself.  Pairs perfectly with any dip, guacamole, salsa as well as a cold beer or soda.  Can be used in many authentic Mexican dishes such as Tortilla soup and salads.

    Stonewall Kitchen Ghost Pepper Salsa :From the moment you open this jar you'll know this salsa is not for the timid. Fired up with a tasty combination of hot and spicy peppers, big ripe tomatoes, onions, spices and more, there is no doubt, this salsa may be the hottest salsa you have ever tried. It delivers a deliciously smoky and powerful hit of heat. Try it in your favorite Tex-Mex recipes or serve it with chips--it'll definitely be noticed! Ice water not included.

    Taste Domination Wing Sauce Hatch Pepper #1 :The star of this wing sauce is the famous hatch chile, which comes from Hatch, New Mexico, where hot days and cool nights help give this pepper its unique flavor. We’ve sourced these medium-heat chilies straight from the region to create a tangy, delicious wing sauce that’s great on chicken, shrimp and vegetables.*2018 Scovie Awards Bronze Medal Winner*

    BOSS Camembert Hexagon :The bloomy rind of Camembert is unmistakeable. Equal in beauty, the pearly interior is smooth, soft and holds its consistency throughout. Kissed with earthy and sweet tones, this white mold cheese captivates with its slight hints of caramelized butter and foraged mushrooms. The aftertaste is rounded and somewhat tangy, with a pleasant and soft finish.

    Lemon :The lemon fruit is an ellipsoid berry surrounded by a green rind, which ripens to yellow, protecting soft yellow segmented pulp.

    Monarch Spearmint Scothmints 220g :These Smooth and refreshing mints are made with a unique chewy center and natural mint flavour, along with a dual texture of a scotch mint with a spearmint twist that always delights.These Smooth and refreshing mints are made with a unique chewy center and natural mint flavour, along with a dual texture of a scotch mint with a spearmint twist that always delights.

     Bottle of Spirits :This gift basket includes a bottle of Spirits. This Bottle may be upgraded to any other bottle of Spirits of the from our extensive collection, including several upgrade options at zero additional cost. Additional bottles of wine, champagne, liquor or beer may be added as well to make this great wine gift even better. Your gift recipient will love these Spirits!

    Sable & Rosenfeld Tipsy Tapas - Cheese Stuffed Hot Peppers :Hot peppers Hand-stuffed with imported cream cheese and then Hand-packed in a premium herb-splashed vegetable oil.

    Badoit Caronated Natural Mineral Water 750ml :Source from Saint Galmier, France, Badoit is a substantial water, but despite its high mineral content, it has a very light taste. This is water for people who say they don’t like sparkling mineral water. The effervescent small and very fine bubbles give a nice structure to the water. The high level of bicarbonate is beneficial for digestion.

    Strong Bamboo Cutting Board with Drip Groove :Versatile and Reversible: This innovative design of the Bamboo cutting board is accompanied by several functions. You can use it not only as cutting boards for food prepping, but also as cheese board, breakfast plate etc, perfect for you with your family or friends to present the best food. A cutting board can meet your multiple needs.  32 x 43 x 2 cm, 12.5 x 17 x 0.5 inches

    Table salt and Shaker :Salt is essential to the health of humans and other animals, and it is one of the five basic taste sensations. A refined salt containing about 97 to 99 percent sodium chloride, its used in many cuisines around the world.

    2 Clear Shots Glass :From the way it feels in your hand to the way it rests on your table. Serving your shooter in a tall glass is the ideal way, and these 2oz tall clear shot glasses possesses a singular beauty and hold a little more than a standard short glass, making them a great choice for mixed and chilled shot recipes.

    Badoit Sparkling Mineral Water - 1L :Sourced from the small town of Saint Galmier in the Loire region of France, Badoit brings over two centuries of pleasure and sophistication to every meal. Badoit Lightly Sparkling delivers a superior product experience with a real signature taste. Its fine and delicate bubbles, together with its subtle and balanced taste, subtly awaken flavours of any accompanying meal.

What Is Included in this Liquor Gift Basket?