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The Easy Life Snack Basket

  • Let the easy life begin! Delicious artichoke dip, kettle cooked sea salt and vinegar chips for the times when you can't be bothered to cook. Added touches are the seaflake mill chocolate, baked pretzels and pesto sauce. Add wine if you wish!
  • Chocolat Classique - Truffles - 17g
    Fatty Sundays - Pretzels - 72g
    Grand Mere - Mini Coquillettes - 250g
    Kettles Sea Salt & Vinegar
    Rustic Bakery - Cookie - 112g
    Sonoma Jacks - Cheese - 114g
    Too Good Gourmet - Artichoke dip - 42g
    Venetian - Pesto Sauce - 215g
    V&A - Black Truffle Oil -100ml
    Dufflet - Gerbera Daisy Pop - 28g
    Willie's Cacao - seaflakes mill chocolate - 50g

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