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Goldleaf Crate

  • Packaged with love and delivered with care, the Goldleaf Crate is curated for those who love great skincare essentials combined with a truly indulgent spa-like pampering in the comfort of home-sweet-home. The Goldleaf collection by Thymes is the star of this gift set, with goodies like foamy bath salts, aloe vera and honey infused hydrating hand lotion, floral and fragrant bubble bath, moisturizing body wash, and of course, the Goldleaf Eau De Parfum. Also included for your skincare indulgence is a sustainably sourced and gently exfoliating body buffer and bath sponge from Urban Spa. as well as a wooden wine box and sandalwood scented candle to sweeten the deal on this fabulous gift set that’s a great present for your loved ones.

  • Urban Spa The All-Natural Sea Sponge :Warm water and body wash turn this unbleached deep-sea treasure into a stimulating and circulation-boosting washcloth. Sustainably harvested, it needs little care. Simply rinse, squeeze out excess water and store in a dry place.

    Single Wine Box :Pine wine box with one slot for wine and a lid.  Metric - 28 x 18 x 7.2cm
    Imperial - 11 x 7 x 2.8in

    Urban Spa The All Over Body Buffer :Reach your back without breaking it. Our all-over bamboo body buffer will become your go-to shower accessory. Our 100% recycled plastic pouf will create soft, sudsy cleansing with gentle exfoliation.

    Thymes Goldleaf Foaming Bath Envelope :Indulge yourself in creamy, luminescent bubbles, even while you travel. Naturally nourishing ingredients such as moisture-rich bee pollen, soothing aloe vera and hydrating honey fashion the ultimate bathing experience. Skin is moisturized and softened as stress soaks away.

    Thymes Goldleaf Body Wash :The heady floral fragrance of the Goldleaf body wash cleanses skin in pure luxury. Featuring a convenient pump for easy dispensing in the shower, this body cleanser bathes skin in lavish luxury.

    Thymes Goldleaf Hand Lotion :Nature's most luxurious ingredients come together in our Goldleaf Hand Lotion, enriched with moisture-rich bee pollen, soothing aloe vera and hydrating honey. Absorbs quickly to leave hands nourished and gently scented with lavish floral fragrance.

    Thymes Goldleaf Eau De Parfum :Lavishly scented and packaged, the Goldleaf Eau de Parfum is as memorable as it is luxurious. Heady florals such as jasmine, rose, hyacinth and lily of the valley have garnered dedicated fans for over 30 years.

    Thymes Goldleaf Bubble Bath :Relax as you immerse your body in luxurious Goldleaf bubbles and surround yourself with this fragrant, floral indulgence. Moisture-rich nutrients including bee pollen, soothing aloe vera and hydrating honey help nourish and replenish skin as stress melts away.

    Amber 3.5" sandalwood scented candle :Relax and enjoy the wonderful scent that will spread throughout your entire home. A heavenly blend of warm soft musk and creamy woody scents. 3in D x 3.5in H.

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