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The Jackbull Gift Basket

  • Mix Jack Daniels Whisky with Redbull at a ratio of 2:3 and add a couple drops of lime juice for a delicious drink. This platter comes complete with everything you need to make a memorable night.
  • Four (4) Cans of Red Bull Energy Drink - 473ml
    Two Limes
    Two Martini Glasses
    Serving Tray

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
The “Guys'” hamper

Got this for my brother and he was surprised at and impressed with my choice of gift. He actually liked the assortment very much. He said it was a great hamper to get for a guy. I recommend this as it was quite an awesome hamper at a great price.

The perfect toast lacks toast.

Now name me simple. but when a man hears toast, he thinks bread and some cookin'. Now you feel me here, don't cha', cause their ain't any toast on this basket. Nuh uh, there ain't. All good though, its good a nice bucket, and buckets can do anything. Flipped that bucket upside down, then built me a fire underneath, then before you knew it i had me a stove. What did i do? i cooked me some bread. And boy oh boy was it perfect, and that my friends is how this basket provided me the perfect toast.