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The Mancini

  • Bringing the incredible flavors of Italy to the comfort of your home is The Mancini – a beautiful Italian-themed gift basket featuring exciting gourmet products that will have you craving pasta dinners every day. Highlights of the set include penne rigate and fusilli by Rummo’s as well as spaghettoni and fusilli by Pasta Mancini that offer years of Italian culinary excellence on a plate, in the comfort of your home. With it, comes beautifully seasoned and irresistibly flavorful pesto alla genovese and aglio arrostito by Sacla Italia so that you can have both the red and green pasta sauce favorites without having to debate which one’s best (hint: they both are!), and the mild Arla Gouda cheese that can be sliced, melted, cubed or just straight munched with or as your favorite appetizer. Other must-have kitchen essentials in the set include San Severino Marche’s rich balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil, a four-piece canister set with airtight seals to store and preserve ingredients, and an acacia wood cutting board for all your chopping and serving needs.

    The organic whole wheat spaghetti, penne and fusilli of Pasta Mancini are made using bronze dies and slowly dried at gentle temperatures. The result is a highly digestible pasta with marked qualities in organoleptic terms and with a healthy intake of vitamins, fiber and mineral salts. 
  • Sacla Italia – Aglio Arrostito Pasta Sauce – 560g
    Azienda Agricola – Mezze Maniche – 1000g
    2 x Pasta Mancini – Pasta – 500g
    Pasta Mancini – Spaghetti – 500g
    Acetaia Bellei -
    Wine Glass
    Pasta Bowl and Pasta
    Cornucopia Basket
    Small Italian Plate
    Spaghetti in high glass vase which can be used for pasta or flowers in the future.

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