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The Tea & Cookie Symphony Gift Basket

  • The Tea & Cookie Symphony Gift Basket features a unique wicker basket shaped as a tea cup and saucer. Inside there are cookies, chocolates, strudels, tea and a tea cup.
  • David's Fine Belgian White Chocolate Almond Bark - 100g
    David's Gourmet Strawberry Soft Licorice - 150g
    Cookie It Up White Chocolate Cranberry Shortbread Cookies - 170g
    Cookie It UpWhite Chocolate Cranberry Specialty Cookies - 85g
    Cookie It Up
     Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies - 170g
    The Shortbread Bakery Short Bread - 128g
    Tea Forte "Noir" Pan Roasted Chocolate Rose Black Tea - 80g
    Monet Pepper & Poppy Water Crackers - 125g
    Elsa's Story Raspberry Filled Strudel - 130g
    Nude Bee Honey Co. Honey - 250g
    Cobblestone Kitchens Raspberry Scone - 212g
    Chocolate Signatures LP Handmade Truffles - 120g
    Tea Forte Cranberry Steeping Cup with Infuser
    Decorative wicker tea cup basket and saucer

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