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Gourmet Gifting Christmas Wine Gift Basket

  • Give a gourmet gift this Christmas with theGourmet Gifting Christmas Wine Gift Basket. Filled with decadent chocolate sweets, gourmet cheese and crackers, and more, this gift basket is sure to impress a loved one looking for a fancy feast. This gift basket also includes two bottles of our default wines, which can both be upgraded to the wine of your choice. You may also add additional bottles of champagne, liquor, and more to make this great gift even better. See below for details.

  • Chocolate - BOSS Milk Chocolate Bar: Boss chocolate presents a rich, decadent chocolate, be it milk, dark, white and more, to be paired perfectly with wines and champagnes.

    Chocolate - Heidi Chocolates Christmas Tree Box: Inside this Christmas Tree-shaped box you’ll find assorted flavors of some of the world’s best chocolate. Celebrate the holidays with these smooth chocolatey delights.

    Cheese - Hogtown Eats Camembert Cheese: Delight in the rich cheese of Hogtown. Soft and creamy, this delightful cheese is the perfect companion to crackers and a glass of wine.

    Crackers - Mariner Organic Stone Wheat Crackers: Freshly made, rich tasting Mariner Organic Crackers pair with fine spreads and cheeses to bring you a pleasurable snacking experience.

    Chocolate - Canada True Icewine Flavored Chocolates: Canada True Icewine Chocolates are a delectable treat perfect for a dinner party, or as a special gift for the chocolate lover you know. These exquisite chocolates are a perfect combination of sweet chocolate and Canadian Icewine.

    Jam - Wine Country Preserves Concord Wine Jelly: Made with fine and delicious ingredients, Wine Country Preserves takes great pride in their fine jellies. The perfect companion for wine crackers and cheese.

    Grated Cheese Holder - For when you wanna turn that delicious cheese into delicious grated cheese, this cheese holder and spoon have you prepared.

    Cutting Board - Wooden Cutting Board & Knives: This beautiful wooden cutting board and cheese knife set are perfect for preparing bread, cheese and crackers, or more. This board is both durable and beautiful.

    Basket - Stained Wicker Basket: Housing all of the wonderful items in this gift, this stained wicker gift basket is not only the gift’s foundation, it can also be used afterwards for any number of different purposes.

    Wine - This gift basket comes with two bottles of our default wines. See below for more details on the default wines that will be included in your gift.

What Is Included in this Wine Gift Basket?

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