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The Modern Classics Snack Basket

  • This snack basket features some modern snacks including chocolate dipped pretzels and exquisite truffles that your gift recipient will be sure to explore. Breath taking peach truffles, birthday cake pretzels, lemon citrus tea and our famous juicy jelly beans. Curl up in a blanket with a good book to read and totally indulge in these treats.
  • Comfort Collection - Popcorn - 100g
    Harvest Sweets - Milk Chocolate Peach Truffles - 74g
    Fatty Sundays - Pretzels - 72g
    CH ocolate - Handmade Truffles - 120g
    Kettle - Potato Chips
    Too Good Gourmet - Lemon Tea - 8g
  • Voss – Water - 375ml
    Yorkville - Juicy Jellies

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